What is Buy Argentina

Buy Argentina is a service of the Federal Network of Investment and International Trade Agencies and Agencies

Buy Argentina is an online platform that matches Argentina's exportable offer of goods and services with business opportunities and buyers from all over the world.

The Argentine companies that register will have immediate access to the commercial opportunities detected by our embassies in 150 countries, and to key information for designing commercial intelligence.

In their profile, companies must include information about their background, product offerings, services and contact information. In this way, the foreign importer can search for and choose the exporting company that is most compatible with what he is interested in buying.

This platform:

  • Concentrates the exportable offer of Argentine companies, entrepreneurs and institutions and connects them with importers from all over the world.
  • Helps companies to expand their business in new international markets.
  • Promotes commercial opportunities of the 150 Argentine delegations around the world.
  • Ensures a fluid exchange of key information when doing business with the world.

About the Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency

The Argentine Investment and International Trade Agency (AAICI) works side by side with companies that want to develop their business in Argentina, providing consulting, information and facilitation of services. It provides free advice to investors and exporters in order to understand the business opportunities, identify the obstacles they face when investing and exporting, and efficiently go through the different stages of the investment process and expansion into the world market.

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